Waly Nichols
Please pray for Waly's speedy recovery.
  As you may have heard, on January 17th, 2013, Waly was attacked and severely bitten by 2 pit bull dogs as she was walking up the street to get her mail at the mailbox. Her son Gary heard her cries for help and rushed to her aid and was able to get the dogs off her. Waly was rushed to Riverside Community Hospital where she is currently in their care and facing further surgery and treatment. Waly requests and needs your prayers as she goes through this trying time.  
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The attack was severe. But Waly has a strong spirit and great friends and God's help. She has shown progress, but is still very much "up and down" with the pain and medications. She is facing another round of surgery as soon as doctors feel it's the right time to close up large wounds on her right leg. Waly has had days where she is up to having visitors, but still requires a lot of rest. As she gets stronger she will certainly enjoy more company.

5-5-13 The Latest from Waly (Waly will be celebrating her 85th birthday next week on May 12th):

To All My Friends.  (from Waly)

God is always with us!

When we walk through life’s valleys, God is our strength.
When we go through dark tunnels, God’s light is at the end.
It shines through the darkness to give us hope and faith.
Jesus is the light of the world, so trust in God’s word; He said
“I will never leave you. I am with you always!”

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

That is God’s word to us.

I am getting better every day.  Thank you for your prayers!

With Love, Waly Nichols

The chronology:

1-24-13 Waly is still fighting an infection in the two large wounds on her right leg. She will be getting a negative pressure wound vacuum applied to those wounds tomorrow to help promote the progress required before skin grafts can be done. Waly was also bitten on the arms, hands, face and head; those wounds have been treated, sewen up, and appear to be healing. Please pray that all goes well for Waly tomorrow and that the proceedure is successful and that the rest of her recovery is speedy.

  Teresa and Waly
  Teresa and Waly (earlier photo)

1-26-13 Waly has had the infections in her leg treated and now has the negative pressure wound vacuum to aid in the healing. Both Teresa Moreno, who's been there tirelessly for Waly throughout this ordeal, and Waly's son Gary, where at her bedside before and after the surgery. Waly went through the proceedure well and we hope this will lead to her full recovery. Thanks for your continued prayers as they mean a lot to Waly and give her strength.

1-30-13 Waly was in good spirits yesterday and thanks everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers. We are waiting to hear how the treatment for the infections is progressing as the leg wounds are still causing a considerable amount of pain for Waly. For the first time yesterday, Waly was able to get into a wheel chair and be wheeled around the floor by her therapist and her son Ray. She was happy to be out of the hospital bed for a while.

1-31-13 So many wonderful people from the community have sent messages of concern, hope and wishes for Waly's speedy recovery. We thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and donations, and the strength that it gives to Waly when she knows so many people care. Today Waly's doctor said he believes the negative pressure proceedure coupled with antibiotics is working well at fighting the infections in Waly's leg. He hopes to be able to perform the nessesary skin grafts sometime next week if all remains on track.

2-4-13 Waly has been steadily improving and personally thanks everyone for their many messages, well wishes, prayers, and donations. On Sunday morning she went in for surgery for skin grafts on her right leg. After the surgery Waly appears to be doing well, and we all hope the skin grafts take with no problems.

2-10-13 Good news on Waly's progress and all your prayers and best wishes. The infections appear to be healing and Waly's skin grafts appear to have been successful. Her doctors believe she is well enough to be released from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, Waly is in good spirits and eating well.

2-13-13 Waly has been transferred to Community Care and Rehabilitation Center in Riverside. The transfer posed administrative problems, but Waly stuck thorough it all and we hope the issues will be settled between Facility staff, Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC), Scan Health Plan, and Waly Nichols and her family.

2-15-13 Waly is now comfortable and doing well in her new surroundings. The issues around the transfer of Waly's care from Riverside Community Hospital to the facility, Community Care and Rehabilitation Center, through the managed care of Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC), through Scan Health Plan has lead Waly's family members down a road of confusion and left Waly laying on a transportation gurney for hours while the lack of promised accommodations were being dealt with.

2-17-13 Waly continues to improve and is now in a daily minimal exercise program and is also in therapy to regain strength in her right leg. Waly still can not put pressure on the leg, but is practicing with a walker and able to move across the room. The earlier issues with Waly's accommodations and previous doctor ordered bed equipment appear to have been resolved when RMC submitted/re-submitted those requests to Scan Health Plan. We are all thankful for this positive outcome as it allows Waly far greater comfort with the many hours she's still required to remain in a bed. All your good thoughts and prayers have made a remarkable difference and it's great to see Waly, now, so strongly moving forward in her healing.

2-29-13 Waly has had an appointment with her surgeon from the Riverside Community Hospital days, and it's great news to hear that he's very pleased with the skin grafts and healing process on her right leg. He has given her the okay to work the leg more in therapy.

3-5-13 Waly's improvements continue, she is making progress with the walker and is able to get a bit further down the hall day by day. She is happy these days to have visitors and appreciates everyones good thoughts and wishes. Today we were told she will be released to her home on Tuesday.

3-6-13 On a re-evaluation, it was decided that Waly will remain with the center a few more days for additional therapy. Later in the day we were told she will be released on Saturday. We need to get her house ready for her return, lots to do.

3-11-13 Waly is doing well and has been released to her home... But what an ordeal. Two of Waly's sons were arrested for theft when they moved Waly's mattress to her house, as they had been instructed to do by both the mattress owner (SUPERCARE) who had contracted the mattress to Waly, and Scan health plan (Waly's insurance provider).

3-21-13 Waly is doing well and able to walk more day by day. She has asked to deliver this personal message to all who have shown so much support and care:


"I thank you for all your prayers. I really appreciate all your care and concern for me. It is a difficult time for me, but God is with me through it all! May God be with you all and keep you in His care!

I am recovering slowly but well."

Love Waly, (mom)

4-14-13 As Waly continues to improve, she again thanks everyone for their messages of strength and comfort, and also thanks all who have so kindly donated to her continued care. Your good thoughts and prayers have helped Waly through a very tough time. Waly's progress continues daily... many many thanks to all who have helped keep Waly strong.

We will continue to update this page on Waly's progress as time progresses, so please check back and please keep Waly in your prayers.

  If you wish, we have a GUEST PAGE where you can post messages and Waly can receive them.  
  Waly is facing a tough road of ongoing medical care and recuperation. If you would like to make a donation to help with her care, please visit the DONATIONS PAGE of this website.  
  Waly has been a part of the Riverside and Jurupa Valley community since she moved here in 1963, where she and her husband David raised 3 sons. Waly has been active in church and charity groups and has always had a passion for the Lord and a very generous heart. That passion is evident in her many writings. She also enjoys crafting cards, and teddy bear and flower photography. We'd like to share some, and one of her recent seasonal writings with you:  
Thanksgiving by Waly Nichols

Thank You Lord!

Today we celebrate Thanks-Giving-Daywalys craft cards
But we ought to give God thanks every day
For God is so good and kind to us every day
And God’s blessings are with us every day

God gives us beautiful flowers to enjoy
We hear the songs of the birds in the trees
And the sunshine lifts our spirits to give God thanks
The rain refreshes everything and makes plants to grow
Thanks you Lord for the beautiful world we can enjoy

We must lift our eyes away from our woes and strife
We must look to God and His Holy Word
We must concentrate on our spiritual life
Jesus first… and then things will go better too
We must keep our eyes on God

Thank you Lord for all your help and care
Thanks you Lord that you are always here
Thank you Lord for food and shelter from the rain
Thank you so much Lord, and thanks again

You Lord, are worthy of our thanks and praise
Because You, Lord, are Savior of our souls

Thank You Lord.
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